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Authors can never be lonely; when we have no one to keep us company, we create someone.

The WAMM Family

As my mother used to say, come on in and meet the whole fam damily...

This is an amazing, incredibly varied, wonderfully talented group of writers. (sorry for the adverb overload -- hope the editor doesn't get upet ;) ) I wanted to mention all of them, because I don't blog, but I am in awe of their talent, and want to scream from the rooftops about them. The sidebar has links to all of their websites. Below are the books; the links to the WAMM page where you can read more, and find out how to purchase the books. I am humbled to be included with this group. Be sure to check out their books, and the trailers for their books. I don't have all their links here, but the WAMM site has them all.

I have also included the newest additions -- the Playwrights who also AMuse us. It is an honor to share a publisher with them, and having read every play on the site, I am humbled by their ability. Welcome to the family, Marc Holland, Don Grimme, Tom Swimm, Joe Krawczyk and Paul Barile. DeeJay Arens, Steve Saari and Mary Cote round out the opening acts for WAMM's newest endeavor.

Tony Walkden

Everything else here is done alphabetically, but this one heads to the top of my list... because Tony donates ALL his royalties to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in order to further their work in helping protect the wonderful animals and plants we have been blessed with. In this book, Tony goes continent by continent, telling us about the animals that are endangered there, why they are endangered, what is being done to help them, what needs to be done to save them. It's well researched, nicely presented, and offers photos of each animal, donated by over 70 different photographers. It's a beautiful, informative book, written by an incredible young man. This is Tony's first book. It is a tribute to his love of animals, and it is an inspiration to anyone who lives with Autism, as he does. At the WAMM site, there is a code to get a $7 discount on the print copy. It's well worth it, and the money all goes to helping the animals.


This book took second place in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Science/Nature/Conservation! It also was a finalist (second) in NIEA National Indie Excellence Awards for Nature.

AmandaLyn Donogal


Bambi meets Dash... well, picks him up would be more correct, and from that moment on, their lives, and ours, are changed dramatically. She is brash, crude, crazy, colorful... and she is not about to change, no matter how much Dash might want her to. Pink 18-wheelers, a pink teacup poodle (named Adolf), duct tape and trouble are anywhere these two are. If you can handle the odd  off-color comment, you will love these books.   

Dave Smith


Dave Smith -- such an ordinary name; what an incredibly unique special man. There is nothing ordinary about him, his perspective, his writing or anything else, and thank God for that. Irreverent? Sometimes, but always look to more than just the words he uses. The metaphor, the depth, the incredible weaving and manipulation of the sublime to make it profound.... well, sometimes it's more like a punch in the gut as you realize this man speaks from experience, speaks with wisdom, and always, without doubt, speaks the truth. From Dillinger's journey in Torture in the Garden of Eden, to The Nagging Little Man in Outskirts of Insanity, and everything else inbetween, these are all characters who will stay with your forever.

DeeJay Arens

DeeJay -- generous, caring, compassionate, talented, intuitive... the list could well go on forever, but in his book you will find all of these qualities because these are what allowed him to write such a poignant, important novel. I am not sure if there are a lot of gay coming-of-age stories out there, ones that deal with the incredible trials of acceptance, of just wanting to live and love, of being allowed to do just that. It's something most of us take for granted. This book will amaze you, will open your eyes, will give you perspective on an issue that sadly and unneccesarily is, for some reason, STILL 'an issue' in our society.


This book is another award winner -- Second Place in the ForeWord Book of the Year Awards and First in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for the LGBT category. It was also a finalist (second) in the NIEA National Indie Excellence Awards in the LGBT category.  

Heather Gregson


Tierza loves her family, her life on their farm in rural Poland, but one day the family is taken away by the Nazi's, and Tierza must go to find them. She is small, but she fully intends to rescue them. In her search, this little dog will learn much about people, hatred, prejudice, love, and her own strength by the time she is reuninted with her family at the gates of a death camp.

Billy has a new home, in a new city, and is desperately lonely... until the gargoyles on his window ledge come alive. While he helps them search for some missing 'family', the gargoyles help Billy find his own place in the world. Maybe New York City won't be so bad, after all.  

Kathryn Anne Lavelle

Writers AMuse Me has been blessed with another great talent. Kat's poems are about the struggles we face in life, the challenges, the heartbreak, but also the strength and determination to overcome and carry on. There is hope in these, and a lot of love for the little things that, taken too soon, are missed the most.

Mariah E Wilson

Mariah is a fellow Canuck, which alone makes her special. She is releasing a debut collection of poems that will, I know, receive rave reviews. Her words allow us a little peek at the woman, her passion, her compassion, her wonderful outlook on life and her unconditional love of her family.

Honey Boudreaux


Honey has a lot of inspiration around her, and a ton of enthusiasm, smarts, fortitude and love of life in her, so I think she could be unstoppable. In her debut YA novel, Shelby and Tristan are dreamers; their dreams have the ability to predict future events, and sometimes allow them both to alter those events. Now they have found themselves in each other's dreams, each watching the other die. Can they combine forces to stop the Shadow Men and save their best friends? In her second book, Enter Eternity, Jillian risks her life to save a drowning boy. The result? She goes on an amazing trip through time, but will she ever be able to return to the life she had been living?

Mary Cote





Mary writes... a lot, and the scope is as wide as it could possibly get. In literary, she goes from 1300's Rome and the corruption in the church, to the contemporary fall-out of a polar reversal that had been touted for years as the upcoming global warming, to a Canadian soldier in combat in WWII, to a draft dodger who learns about sacrifice in many ways, then heads to the war in Vietnam to learn first hand. Changing gears completely, she has her newly released Cabochon series, taking us around the world, one gem mine to the next, as Andi, Ryan, Brad and Liam deal with the issues that plague the mines of Cabochon Incorporated, as well as the environment surrounding those mines.


Yes, there is another award winner in with these, too. Trip Anderson, USMC: The Road Less Travelled is currently a finalist in the ForeWord Book of the Year Awards in the military fiction category. Winners will be announced this summer.

Shakey Smith



The Dupee family... I feel like I am part of it already. Shakey has created this amazing Kansas clan, then wraps you up in their stories, their lives, their troubles and successes, as only Shakey Smith can do. A Steinbeck in our times, you will want to read these, and watch for more.

Steve Park

Stephen L. Park, Lieutenant, US Army, 1966-69 -- he was in Vietnam at the height of the fighting there. He was a combat lieutenant, leading his men on ambushes and patrols. In his memoirs, he talks of his men, the locations they were sent, the crazy things that happen in a routine day in the US military, and shares his amazement/frustration/curiosity at the decisions made and passed on to him from above. Ultimately, his only goal is to get his men home, and himself back to his new, waiting, wife, finding strength in her letters and in the little red x's on his calendar.

Barbara Townsend


Barbara must be a research fanatic, because her books are so unique, with details woven in that create the perfect crumbs for the reader to follow. Blood Atonement is set in the time of the Mormon's journey west, as they are stopped midway at their winter camp. Aveline is forced to be a plural wife, as is her sister, Frances. It is not a kind life, but the girls persevere until one night after a community function, Frances is killed. Aveline is determined to find the killer, despite the roadblocks thrown up by religious convention and male domination, before they have to continue on their journey. In Clear and Convincing Evidence, college reporter and student Jennifer Roby reads between the lines of a police blotter report to discover a murder and an upper echelon attempt to cover it up. They are both brilliant mysteries. You will be wanting to read more from Barbara.

Emma Eden Ramos

There are some books that you just can't condense into a few words or a few feelings. This is one of them. It is a beautifully written, poignant story of teenage angst as Bri tries to do her best for her two younger sisters when their mother sneaks them out of the house and onto a bus in NYC. They arrive in the Big Apple only for their mother to jump into a cab, saying she would be right back. That isn't the case though, so Bri takes her sisters to her grandmother's apartment where they live. The new city was only one adjustment for them. They also had to deal with no mother, and with going to school, something that was new to them. Bri also struggles to find her niche, wanting to follow her dreams while being unsure if the dreams are really hers, or those last remnants she holds of her mother.

RM Clark

If you like suspense and mystery that blends history, folklore and modern day characters together, this is the book for you. It all starts when a lawyer shows up at the bar where Dennis Kosma is celebrating his 25th birthday with his friends.

Steve Saari

I am so glad to be able to share some of the work of the incomparable Steve Saari. Poet, musician, composer, thespian... the list is long, and the work is magnificent. This Long Trip To Myself is a collection of poems that will reach inside the reader and pluck at any number of emotions. You will see more of his work, also published by Writers AMuse Me, in the Playwrights section. Brilliant is about the only word that comes close to describing this man and his talent.

The Playwrights!!