Mighty Oaks, Little Acorns

Authors can never be lonely; when we have no one to keep us company, we create someone.

Tom Bryde

I write. I have spent most of my life around very structured organizations... military, police, matrimony. Along the way, I gathered little acorns, seeds of characters, plots, human situations, that, once germinated, grew into something more. I would like to take credit for the nurturing of the seeds, claim a well fed, fertile mind, but we know where that would lead. Instead, I will thank Mother Nature for dropping the seeds, my family for helping to care for them and showing me the value of allowing them to grow. Did any turn into mighty oaks? Probably not, but it's still early days, and it's a thrill to at least be trying.

Because of the uniforms of my past, my mysteries have police officers, and my literary writing often includes someone wearing a military uniform. Call it my personal homage to those who serve, who are prepared to put their lives on the line, without hesitation, for no personal gain. Each one of them is a hero; perhaps one day we will all recognize that.

I am Canadian born and raised. My characters are not restricted to those same national parameters.


Tom Bryde is a pen name.